Tech Trans Unlimited Announces NFPA Code 68 Compliance To Systems Availability For Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up

Systems are now in place which offer the highest safety margin for oil collection as it has been determined that methane gas and other flammable gas is embodied within these oils.  Our most advanced and currently available systems have been constructed in compliance with both explosion venting,  internal fire suppression (Co2) and flameless venting components.  These features along with A.S.M.E. Certifications of build and A.N.S.I. compliance standards present the safest solution for high volume vacuum recovery of the oils,  both on the surface as well as in “plumes”. “

HISTORY :  TECH TRANS UNLIMITED CORPORATION  has been providing high volume vacuum recovery systems to the major U.S.  Automotive industry since 1991.   System capacity provides the point of collection,  transfer ,  and containment of these oils.  Operating under intense vacuum levels,  those oils collected stay contained during the transfer cycle for finite separation.

Collection capabilities are in excess of 500,000 gallons per day / per system.

Our recently developed “FLEXX-HEAD”  skimmer contours to wave action at the surface and utilizes debris sensors and buoyancy control.  Surface contact area per head is 24’ (feet) in diameter encapsulating a higher percentage of oil than water.  This system incorporates our patented  “PULSED-CLEANING” process which has been proven in multiple applications to optimize heavy and difficult to move materials for more efficient collection.  Combined with the high volume recovery systems noted above, we are confident that we will collect a higher % of oil over water of a traditional skimmer / pump arrangement.  We estimate 85-90% oil 10-15% water with each placement.

 TECH TRANS  currently has one system available in Detroit which could be delivered within two weeks with a sized capability of recovering 500-600,000 gallons per day

 In addition to patents and proven experience in regards to the agitation for collection of heavy debris and oils, we also have a patent-pending for the cleaning of loose debris,  including used oil filter paper and printer ink jet foam.  This demonstrated process could recover the oils from sand as well.

Tech-Trans has been collecting oils at different stages of manufacturing of engines and transmissions for various manufacturers for 20 years and has been involved with the aerospace industry providing collecting equipment which meets and exceeds all OSHA and NFPA guidelines and specifications.