Solar Panel Etch Removal

Solar panels as well as inverse light panel systems and LCD’s utilize a moving web process to remove etch compounds and other residual surface debris prior to lamination. These materials must be clean as well as dry prior to final assembly. In all cases, contact with an external media is not allowed. Usually, a moving web, which takes these materials from a roll, threads them through a series of baths where each subsequent bath in the series provides enhanced cleaning in each stage. These systems consume a considerable amount of floor space. In addition, the fluids tend to carry over between each bath creating contamination and maintenance. In 2001, TECH TRANS, working with a leading light source provider, applied the process of “PULSED-CLEANING” on a moving web, proving the higher speeds capable of the process over traditional “bath” wash type systems.


The demonstration proved that web cleaning AND drying, could be accomplished in a single station no larger than 36”. The feasibility and evaluation system provided this capability utilizing D.I water and non-contact. Fluids displaced and agitated on the web surface were recovered simultaneously to application providing a more controlled process, leading to higher thru-put and cleaner parts generating higher productivity. (Class 10 and higher)