Oil Spill Recovery


Tech Trans Corporation has developed a proven technology for HIGH VOLUME / HIGH VACUUM Oil Recovery. The optimum solution must provide a novel as well as highly efficient solution for containment, collection, and transfer BEFORE any environmental damage can occur.

This premise drives several undeniable realities: 

·        Speed of response to the spill situation is critical in minimizing damage

·        Respond with the method which exhibits the highest volume capacity available

·        Rely upon a simplistic and consistent technology that is flexible in all environments

Speed of collection to prevent dispersal and extended harm to the environment should be at the forefront of every response to an oil spill / accident.  Our process and “FLEXX-HEAD”  (patent-pending) technology will greatly reduce the time to recover oils expelled in such situations.  The collection rate is sized in two models,  one at 350 gallons per minute,  and a larger system sized at 550 gallons per minute.  Both equating to well over 500,000 gallons of surface oil recovery capability per day.  Each system utilizes a regenerative vacuum and directed air flow source,  controlled and directed by our patented “PULSED-CLEANING” diverter.  The mechanical drives utilize only 3 moving parts such that reliability and 24/7 operation with zero maintenance is achieved.

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