TECH TRANS UNLIMITED CORP was formed in 1984 and Incorporated in 1987  to meet the needs of the automotive industry in recovering oils and debris from critical parts and assemblies during high speed production.  

Prior to forming TTUC,  Mr. Walker gained considerable experience and recognition in the field of robotics and systems integration which also included adhesive bonding and painting / coatings system.  As Managing Automotive Operations Director for UNIMATION/WESTINGHOUSE he developed and implemented the FIRST total turn-key robot systems in the industry.  He was also responsible for the formation and start-up of  the robotics operations division for UNITED TECHNOLOGIES and served as Automotive Center Director for ABB ROBOTICS.  Numerous process developments and products are attributed directly to Mr. Walker,  several of which have been patented.


High speed automated systems with increased production capabilities generated higher volumes of parts but also generated larger quantities of  residual chips, cutting fluids, and other debris which needed to be collected in an efficient manner .  TTUC recognized this opportunity and was successful in providing high volume vacuum collection systems, tooling,  and automation such that line optimization could be achieved and expensive housekeeping minimized.  Early systems included high volume vacuum oil recovery and eventually finite parts cleaning of chips and debris from inaccessible areas of critical parts.


Experience building unique systems solutions provided the foundational center of excellence in knowledge of vacuum delivery and simultaneous recovery of debris. This knowledge base has been continuously expanded and advanced in TECH TRANS proprietary technology offerings and systems.