Hazardous Materials Recovery and Containment

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High speed drill dust and chip recovery presents unique problems for the industry as well. Carbon fiber materials used in the latest aircraft designs must be contained at the source of drilling, routing, and machining to protect both personnel and systems electronics. Titanium and aluminum dusts are considered explosive and systems built by TECH TRANS feature added safety standards including fire suppression, explosion venting, and flame suppression. ( N.F.P.A.-CODE Compliant – A.N.S.I. and A.S.M.E. Certifications )

“PULSED-CLEANING” (patented) provides a higher standard of residual surface cleanliness and reduces hole surface scuffing by removing the debris as soon as it is created – right at the source of generation. This proprietary process eliminates harmful materials from becoming air-borne in the work place further enhancing worker and plant safety while providing a cleaner product.

Permanent filtering technologies add a final measure of safety and systems flow capacity achievement for the life of the system. Finite air filtration beyond H.E.P.A. to 0.00004” is achieved using sintered filtering technology. Elongated debris from carbon type dusts are completely blocked from re-entering the work place by this process, fully contained, and sealed from worker contact. Constant “back-flush” of the filters maintains the flow rates of the system, optimizing and maintaining manufacturing parameters for the life of the system.