Automotive - Overview

The world market for the transportation industry continues to offer only minimal expansion while,  more importantly the industry must improve reliability and address critical quality issues.  Transmission warranty issues / costs of a U.S. company are currently over 4 times that of a comparable Japanese competitor *  ( released but held confidential corporate documents)  There remain fewer options available to manufacturers to reduce manufacturing / component costs, thus seeking reduced warranty expense, increased owner loyalty are opportunities for additional profits which cannot be ignored.

For the auto industry to achieve profitable world markets will require enhanced cleanliness standards as well as improved quality / productivity.  Proposal requests will include tighter specifications in the future.

The implementation of interim cleaning process cycles will provide  multiple systems integration in the future.  Finite debris recovery from critical parts and the reclaim issues surrounding expended coolants and fluids will precipitate a further advantage to companies as part of a Reduce / Reclaim / Reuse philosophy.

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